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The Q-Platform provides organizations a highly optimized, collaborative environment that accelerates the development, deployment and management of cognitive automation Bots and simplifies the delivery of AI-driven applications.

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Leveraging a custom-built API gateway, the Q-Manager securely connects authenticated individuals, systems, data, apps, bots, sensors and microservices across the entire enterprise providing an unprecedented view of active and available resources. Using an intuitive user interface, the Q-Manager provides the ability to securely connect and orchestrate human and technical resources, to set and automate policies, to monitor and manage workflows, and to accelerate the development and delivery of cognitive automation Bots and data driven insights, lowering cost and enabling innovation.

Document Intelligence


Q-Deep-NLP is among the most advanced, user- friendly Machine Learning- based Natural Language Processing solution in the world. Capable of replacing most human intensive document based workflows, Q-Deep-NLP is built using Qlytics’ NLP framework and leveraging a simple open-source Document Query Language (DQL) developed and supported by Qlytics. Q-Deep-NLP provides even non-technical users the ability to perform complex, large-scale NLP tasks with ease.



A cross-platform desktop client that provides authorized employees, consultants, and AI Talent – secure, managed access to assigned projects, tasks and task- specific resources. Integrated with Jira, the Q-TimeTracker automatically syncs all issues and worklogs with Jira. Built-in work diaries provide unparalleled audit and compliance capabilities with active screenshots and real-time activity tracking.

#1 Source for Global AI Talent


AI Talent is scarce. That’s why we scour the global community of AI developers and data scientists to identify and certify the best AI Talent in the world. The brightest minds in big data, machine learning, and deep learning – as well as world-class project managers – all ready right now to support your project.

Computer Vision


Built on industry leading frameworks, Q-Deep-Vision is a powerful Deep -Learning solution for detecting and reporting on pre-trained objects. Capable of being trained to replace most human intensive image based workflows, including medical image analysis, inventory, product quality review, insurance image verification, review and more, Q-Deep-Vision provides the ability to perform complex, large-scale Computer Vision based tasks with ease and at a savings of 80-90% over current workflows.

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Q-Data Exchange

Data is the fuel of AI and the most valuable component on any analytics project. Qlytics Data Exchange makes it simple to search, access and link to core, alternative or training datasets. With 350,000+ datasets, the Qlytics Data Exchange is the world’s fastest-growing repository of financial documents, consumer transactions, ESG reports, IoT sensor data, and more.

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Explore Qlytics’ market leading Cognitive Automation Bot Store. A Marketplace of pre-built business automation Bots. Add Data Collectors, Knowledge Extractors, Object Detectors to Qlytics Q-Deep-NLP and Q-Deep-Vision apps to quickly automate tasks and reduce operating cost.